Tips to Capture Amazing Sunset Photos

It is said that sunsets are the only subject in photography that one can never go wrong. But if you don’t know the correct way of capturing them using just your phone, you may not be able to get gorgeous shots as you like. In order to achieve this, it is important that you understand the elements that make up a magnificent sunset photographs. These elements include the story, contrast, shape, motion, and depth. Follow these eight effective tips to make your sunset photos stand out from the sea of other sunset shots.

Tip #1: Choose an interesting subject. This may come in the form of a person or an object to focus the viewer’s eye. Without a dominant subject, an image displaying the sky and the light is a bit boring. You may also use natural objects, buildings, structures, or interesting shapes to add a sense of depth to the image.

Tip #2: Create mysterious silhouettes. One of the best ways to capture sunset photos that is interesting is by including a silhouette effect. This is because silhouettes create a sense of mystery and story to the photograph. Any person or an object, whether natural or man-made, can be an interesting subject to create the effect.

Tip #3: Capture people staring at the sunset. Most, if not all, people usually finds the setting of the sun below the horizon a therapeutic and relaxing thing to do. In order to create the effect you desire, include these people watching the sunset as your cardinal subject.

Tip #4: Get rid of lens flare. One of the major challenges that most people encounter when capturing sunsets using mobile phones is that dots of colored lights tend to display on the images. These dots of lights are called lens flares and they can instantly ruin an otherwise perfect photograph. You may use an application to remove flares from your photos.

Tip #5: Shoot sunset photos over water. Without a doubt, sunsets always look great over water. This is because the reflection of sung’s light over water create a very spectacular and natural beauty. To create an everlasting effect, consider including a subject on the foreground. You may also use an app with slow shutter to capture smooth and still sunset photos.

Tip #6: Use a burst mode to capture moving subjects. Moving subjects tell interesting stories. So why not include motion in your sunset photographs to add excitement to the photos? The secret is to capture the subject in the right moment. You may use your phone’s built in burst shot mode to capture moving subjects like a running person or a speeding boat.

Tip #7: Use panorama to create depth and contrast. The best thing about panorama mode is that it allows you to capture a wider shot of the scene. It also allows you to capture photos with more contrast and wider range of light.

Tip #8: Make use of your phone’s HDR. Improve your sunset shots exposure through this option. It can be automatically activated in your iPhone’s native photo app.